January 23, 2012

Igreja Batista Central In Praia Grande

We have recently begun working with Pastor Reinan and Igreja Batista Central to help them to share Jesus in their community, which is located in the city of Praia Grande. Praia Grande is one of several cities that make up the coastal area known as the "Baixada Santista". Pastor Reinan has been the pastor at the church for 19 years. His wife is a teacher in 2 schools, and we met her when we did our Qualidade De Vida project in a Praia Grande school last year.

We will be working with the church in a state school in Praia Grande in late May. Pr. Reinan invited me to preach in the church, and I did last night. It was also a good opportunity to meet the people of the church. Ellen, a member of the church, served as my interpreter. We had a great time of worship in the service last night, and God moved in many hearts during the message, which was to encourage everyone to participate in God's mission of reaching out to those who are without Christ. In the end we shared the Gospel and we praise God that 12 people accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. Afterwards we ate at the church and enjoyed some nice fellowship.

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