January 30, 2012

Igreja Batista Morrinhos

Igreja Batista Morrinhos is another church we have recently begun to work with, to help them to share Jesus in their community. The church is led by Pastor Valtecy, and is located in a poor area in the city of Guaruja. We will be having a People Sharing Jesus seminar at the church on the first 2 Sunday mornings in February, and we will also be working with them to share Jesus in a nearby school in March.

Last night I had the privilege of preaching in the service. Here in Brazil Sunday night is the main worship service, and Sunday morning is the smaller service, which is exactly opposite of the US. The message was to encourage and challenge all members of the church to join God in His passion and mission to seek and save those that are lost, and that He wants all people to hear the Good News of Jesus. Most churches leave evangelism work to the pastor(s) and a small group of people, but this is not Biblical and is not what God wants. At the end of the service we shared the Gospel and we praise God that 8 people accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him.

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