January 2, 2012

A Bad Cultural Habit

We generally like living in Brazil, and there are not many things that we do not like about Brazil and it's people. One of the things that is not so nice is the habit many people have of leaving garbage in the streets and on the beaches. Actually the vast majority of people that live in our city of Santos do a good job of keeping the streets and beaches clean. The problem is the tourists that come from the city of Sao Paulo. Many people there have a bad habit of throwing garbage in the streets, and they expect the street cleaners to pick it up. When they visit our beaches for vacation, they bring this bad habit with them. The city has placed many garbage containers on and near the beaches, but many people still leave their garbage on the beach.

This problem not only occurs here, but in many beach areas in Brazil. During the latest New Years holiday this past weekend, many cities on the coast had to have it's street cleaner workers pick up tons of garbage on New Years day. On the famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, the city had to pick up 370 tons of garbage on the beach after the New Years Eve celebration. Here in Santos, the city workers picked up 75 tons of garbage. That is one of the reasons that many residents here are glad when the vacation season is over and the tourists have to go back to their homes in Sao Paulo and other cities.

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