May 29, 2008

A Great Finish For May

May was a great month, and God has done some wonderful things here in the Sao Paulo area. Today we finished speaking in a public school in the Sapopemba area of Sao Paulo, which is a poor favella (slum) area in the east zone of the city. We worked with Igreja Batista Luz Para As Nacoes, and we spoke in 34 classes on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday night, and this morning. We are tired after speaking so many times, but we are rejoicing for what God has done. Over 900 students accepted Christ, including 99 adults that are finishing their high school education at night, and 21 teachers also accepted Christ. Wednesday night was a real blessing for us, when we spoke to the adult students. Sometimes they can be more difficult to reach than younger students, but eveyone in our group felt the Holy Spirit's presence in an unusually powerful and strong way. We felt it so strongly that it was a very emotional time for us, and at the same time it is a very humbling experience to know that you are in the presence of the Almighty and Living God. You begin to understand how Isaiah felt in Isaiah 6:5 when he saw the glory of the Lord, or John when he fell at the Lord's feet in Revelation 1:17.

In the month of May we spoke in 4 schools and I also preached on a Sunday night at Igreja Batista Ministerio de Reconciliacao. Over 2240 people accepted the Lord, including 57 teachers, 1 director (principal), and over 100 adults. We praise the Lord for opening these doors for us to share the Good News of Jesus, and give Him all the glory and honor and praise. We just get to go along for the ride with Him. Please pray that God will continue to show His glory and will continue to open many doors and opportunities to share Christ with others.


Bendz said...


Its really nice to hear about your ministry work.

Keep it up.


Kevin Bart said...

bendz, thanks for the visit and comment. Take care and God bless.