May 17, 2008

Many Students & Teachers Accept Christ

We have been busy so far in May, speaking in 3 schools in the first 2 weeks of the month. Our special project in the schools is called Quality Of Life, and we speak about how to have a good future and a higher quality of life with joy & peace & hope. We speak about the Body, the Soul, and the Spirit, and in the final part we share the Good News of Jesus plainly & directly. Afterwards we have a prayer time for students & teachers to invite Christ into their hearts & lives to be their Lord & Savior. After this we hand out a great discipleship tool called Livro Da Vida (Book Of Life), which a ministry here in Brazil offers to all churches to use in the schools. After this we have a time for questions about the US and about the English language, which is alot of fun for us and for the students & teachers. Brazilian students and teachers have a great interest and curiosity about the US and the culture and the language, and this opens many doors for us to share Christ. Even though we are able to speak in Portuguese, we always speak in English because of this great interest.
When we speak in the schools we speak in every classroom, and we speak in 2 classes at the same time. It is more work to do it this way, and we are pretty tired by the end of the week, but doing it this way works very well and it is worth it. We are praising God for the many victories & blessings He has given us these last 2 weeks. In the 3 schools we visited, all of which are in Sao Paulo, 1279 students & 36 teachers & 1 principal accepted Christ. We worked with 3 different churches in these schools: Igreja Batista Ministerio Reconciliacao, Igreja Batista Boas Novas, and Igreja Batista Vila Primavera. Please pray that God will continue to open many doors for us to share Christ.

Working with Igr. Bat. Min. Reconciliacao

Kevin & Carol (interpretor) sharing Christ

Working with Igreja Batista Boas Novas

Nancy & Percio handing out Livro Da Vida's
John & Junior (interpretor) sharing Christ

Working with Igreja Batista Vila Primavera

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