December 1, 2010

Our Last School Of The Year

It is almost summer time in Brazil now, and school will be out soon for summer vacation until February. Yesterday we spoke in our last school for the year and it was a blessing. In October we learned that we did not get the approval from the city of Sao Vicente education department to speak in their municipal schools, so we and Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Vicente have been praying that God will open some doors in the schools in Sao Vicente (this is the 1st city that has not given us the approval to speak in their municipal schools). The schools still have the final decision to allow or not allow any projects like ours. Within a week of when we started to pray, we met a woman named Patricia. She was helping a praise band from her church to lead the worship in PIB Sao Vicente. After the service we found out that she can speak English, and we talked to her about helping us as one of our interpreters. Then we found out that she is a teacher and a coordinator at a municipal school in Sao Vicente, and she was able to get us into her school to speak yesterday. The school is a small school for students in 5th through 8th grades, and is located in a poor area in Sao Vicente. Patricia helped Nancy as her interpreter, and our friend Rebeca was our other interpreter. God blessed our project and our visit to the school, and 233 students and 5 teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. The principal and other school leaders were very happy that we came to help and to share our message, and Patricia has recommended us to 6 other municipal schools in Sao Vicente. We love how God works.

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