December 12, 2010

Seminar At Primeira Igreja Batista Cubatao

On the past 2 Sunday mornings we have led a People Sharing Jesus seminar at Primeira Igreja Batista Cubatao. Cubatao is an industrial city about 30 minutes from where we live in Santos. The church is led by Pastor Joel. The seminar was well attended with 72 people participating, and several people have already begun to use the training to share Christ with other people. We had 2 people who accepted Christ this morning at the 2nd session. One was a teenage boy that is a neighbor of a family in the church, and Zeila the mother shared the Gospel with him. That was the 2nd time this week that Zeila and her husband shared Christ with someone. The 2nd person was a man who was seeking God and visiting the church this morning. One of the sessions today was to teach how to use an evangelistic booklet, and afterwards we had everyone pair up and practice sharing with the other person. Pastor Joel was paired up with the man and he accepted Christ and committed his life to Him during this time. It was a very emotional time for Pr. Joel and for the man.

People Sharing Jesus is an excellent tool to help & train pastors, leaders, and church members to become powerful and effective witnesses for Jesus. There are many great Biblical truths taught in the seminar with regards to God's work of sharing the Good News of Jesus with others and making disciples. The seminar also teaches 3 easy to use and effective methods of sharing Christ person to person. We will be having another PSJ seminar next Sunday at Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Vicente.

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