May 14, 2010

School Outreach In Santos

We have been working this week with Igreja Batista Marape in a school located near the church in Santos. We also have had some people from Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem helping as interpreters. The school is EE Azevedo Junior, which is a state school for students in 5th grade through high school. The school is large and it will take 6 days to speak in all of the classes. We spoke on Monday and Tueday mornings and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons this week, and we will finish up next Monday & Tuesday nights. The reception of the school and the teachers & students has been great, and we have enjoyed meeting some of them. So far in 4 days over 680 students and 12 teachers have accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. We are praying and hoping that the churches will have more opportunities to help the students and their families in their lives, and to grow in their new relationship with the Lord. While we were there we introduced the church to the leaders of the school and we are trying to facilitate a relationship between them.


Jason said...

that is so cool! I'm putting you on my official "intercessions list" ! :-P

Kevin Bart said...

Jason, thanks for visiting our blog, and for adding us to your intercessions list. We appreciate your prayers, and we definitely need them in trying to reach people for Jesus here in Brazil. We are seeing many come to Christ ... please pray that those who receive Christ will find a church home and will grow in their new life with Christ. Take care and God bless.