May 22, 2010

Our Favorite Brazilian Food

On Thursday we had to go to Sao Caetano/ Sao Paulo to sign some documents for the sale of our house and to deliver the keys to the new owners. Afterwards we celebrated the sale of our house, which took 10 months, by going to a "churrascaria" (Brazilian steak house) for our favorite Brazilian food - churrasco. Churrasco is a large variety of steak cuts and various other meats cooked over a wood fired grill. Unlike American style BBQ, there is no BBQ sauce used for churrasco. It is absolutely awesome.


Steve Finnell said...

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Bruno H. said...

You can find Brazilian Restaurants around the world in website :-)

Kevin Bart said...

Steve, thanks for the invite and link to your blog. Bruno, thanks for the info. and link to find Brazilian foods. Being that we live in brazil obviously it's not hard to find good Brazilian food for us, but for people outside of Brazil it's good info. God bless.