February 25, 2010

Igreja Batista Marape

Igreja Batista Marape is one of the churches that we have begun to work with in Santos. It is led by Pastor Sidney, and it is a good church. There are many young people in the church, and it is a church on mission with God to reach as many people without Christ as possible and then to help them to grow in their relationship with God. We will be working in 2 schools with the church, one in April and one in May, as well as doing other things with them to help them share Christ. This past Sunday night I had to privilege to speak in the church and to share the Good News of Jesus in the final part. I can speak Portuguese well, but I still speak in English and have an interpreter because it works very well, especially when we speak in the schools. People have alot of interest and curiosity to hear something different, a foreigner & American speaking in English. Elisa, a member of the church, was my interpreter on Sunday night and she did a great job. We are pleased that the people of the church seemed to respond to God's voice that night, and also that 6 people accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him.

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