February 28, 2010

International Triathlon In Santos

The 19th International Triathlon was held in Santos this morning, and the start & finish lines for the event were in our neighborhood. The bike staging area was on our street, so we had a close-up look, which was very interesting. It was the 1st triathlon we had ever seen. Here are some photos.

the swimming starting line for one of the groupsbeginning the swimming phasethe bike staging area was on our streetin between the swimming & bike phases of the raceone of the competitors preparing for the bike phasethe guy in black w/ red cap only had 1 leg - very inspiring !start of the 40 km bike legthe finish line near our apartment


L said...

what excitement! great pictures :)

JanuskieZ said...

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Kevin Bart said...

Thanks L and JanuskieZ for visiting our blog and leaving a comment.