July 29, 2010

Brazilian Bureaucracy & Opportunities To Share Jesus

We have recently started the process of getting dual citizenship for the US and Brazil, which will allow us to stay in Brazil permanently to join God in what He is doing here. The process will probably take about a year. Yesterday our immigration lawyer sent a list of 20 different documents that we will need to get (some of which we have no idea what they are), and many of them are not easy to get. Today we had to go to 3 different places and spent 4 hours and about $100 getting the first 4 of these documents. The bureaucracy and government processes in Brazil are one of my least favorite things here, and I must admit that my attitude was not good at the beginning today. In fact my attitude was pretty bad. For me it is pure drudgery, and it is stressful too. I was convicted about my attitude and I realized I was not honoring the Lord, so I had to have an attitude adjustment. After that it was much better, and during one of the stops in the federal courthouse in Santos the Lord gave us the opportunity to share Jesus with 3 people that work there. We had a great time talking with them and sharing God's love with them. We are going to use the rest of this long and dreaded process to look for more opportunities to share Jesus with others along the way.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the reminder about attitude adjustment. I need to remember that nothing is ever wasted by God, so if He allows things to slow down my "important work," it's for His purposes.

Kevin Bart said...

Elizabeth, we all need an attitude adjustment sometimes. Sometimes we miss God's activity around us & His divine appointments in our daily lives, while we are doing plain ordinary things, when our focus or our attitude is not right. Thankfully we have the Holy Spirit to help us. God bless you.