August 30, 2011

Sharing Jesus In A School In Sao Vicente

We originally had a school in Santos scheduled to do our Quality Of Life project this week, but they recently cancelled. We had to scramble to find another school to speak in the week before the event, and God answered our prayers for another opportunity. Our friend Patricia, who is a member of Capela Calvario in Sao Vicente and has helped us as an interpreter in other schools, helped us to get in to speak in her school. She is a teacher at EM Antonio Pacifico school in Sao Vicente, which is the oldest city in Brazil. The school is for students in 1st through 9th grades, and is located in a poor area in the city. There are many problems in this area of the city with drugs, crime,... Several people from Capela Calvario church helped as interpreters - Kaka, Brunna, and Patricia. God did a great work in the hearts of the students and teachers in the school, and many gladly received the Good News of Jesus ... 916 students and 18 teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him, and several inquired about the church afterwards. Please pray that they will have a heart to know God more and grow closer to Him, and that they will get involved in a good church.

 Patricia passing out a discipleship tool in a class
 Interpreter Kaka and I sharing Jesus
 some of the students during break time
 Nancy and I with interpreters Patricia and Kaka
 Nancy in one of the classes
 Interpreter Brunna handing out a discipleship booklet
 a group of students
 Kaka and I speaking in a class
some of the students and I after one of the classes

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