April 7, 2011

Tragedy In A School in Rio

This morning a 23 year old disturbed young man walked into his former school in Rio de Janeiro and shot at least 24 students. At this time 11 of the students have died. The school, which is for students in 1st to 8th grades, is located in a poor area in the western part of the city. Of the 13 students injured in the shooting, 4 are in critical condition. The shooter also killed himself after police arrived and shot him. He did not have a criminal record prior to today's shooting. He apparently left a letter stating that he had contracted the AIDS virus, but at this point it is unclear as to the reasons he did this terrible thing.

This was Brazil's first ever tragedy of this type in schools, and many people are in shock, including Brazil's new woman president Dilma. We were hoping that this type of thing would never arrive here in Brazil. Please pray for all of the students, teachers, and families of the school and nearby community.


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