September 2, 2009

A Terrible Place To Drive

Many times the hardest part of our work here is getting to and from the places we are speaking at. This week we have been speaking in a school in the East Zone of Sao Paulo, in an area called Jardim Grinaldi. It is about 25 to 40 minutes from our house, depending on traffic. On Monday alone we had 3 near accidents, 2 going to the school and 1 on the way home. All 3 of the close calls were because someone turned onto the street we were on and cut right in front of us. If we hadn't hit the brakes hard we would definitely have had an accident each time. We love the people here, but they are absolutely the worst drivers. I am not exaggerating when I say that we see something really bad or dumb every time we go somewhere. The drivers have absolutely no respect for the other drivers or for the rules. Plus there are no police that are out enforcing the rules of the road. The only thing they have here is radar at some intersections to catch someone speeding or running a red light. They have alot of traffic laws and regulations, but the problem is that no one follows them and no one is there to enforce them. I will certainly not miss driving in Sao Paulo when we move to Santos. It is much easier and better to drive there, and it is nothing like the "white knuckle" driving experience we get to enjoy in Sao Paulo.

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