September 9, 2009

Photos Of Santos

Tomorrow we are going back to Santos to see an apartment that we like for the 2nd time. If we like it after seeing it again we are going to make an offer for it. We are looking at moving to Santos in mid or late October, depending on how the purchase of an apartment goes. We still need to sell our house in Sao Caetano, so please pray for us for this. Here are some more pics of Santos.


Keith said...

Santos is indeed nice. I hope you get the place! Did you look at nearby São Vicente too, by any chance?

Kevin Bart said...

Keith, we made an offer for the apartment in Santos and they accepted it, so we will be moving there in October. We are looking for to living their, as life seems more "tranquilo" there than in the Sao Paulo area, especially the driving.

Fyzal said...

beautiful beach !

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