September 19, 2009

Our Move To Santos

This past Thursday we signed the documents for our apartment in Santos, and now we need to wait about 2 more weeks for 1 more document to sign. So it looks like we will be moving to Santos at the end of October. After our move we will need to return to Sao Paulo to speak in 2 more schools in the last 2 weeks of November. Santos is only a little over an hour from Sao Paulo, so we will occasionally continue to help churches in the Sao Paulo area to share Christ, but the bulk of our work starting next year will be in the cities of Santos, Guaruja, Sao Vicente, and Praia Grande. We will start having meetings at schools in Santos and surrounding cities at the beginning of October, to start scheduling speaking events in the schools from April 2010 and beyond. Also, we had a couple visit our house yesterday and then again this morning, and we are hoping to sell our house soon. Please continue to pray for the house sale.

this is our apartment building; our apt. is on the 8th floor

the beach and beach park is 1/2 block from our apartment

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