September 3, 2009

A Long & Good Week

We spoke in the EMEF Roquete Pinto school this week, which is located in a poor area in the East Zone of Sao Paulo. We spoke 39 times in 3 days and now we are very tired. In the past 3 weeks we have spoken in 97 classes in 3 different schools. As usual we had various complications during this week - near accidents (see my previous post), interpreters arriving 45 minutes late 2 different times,...). We worked with Igreja Batista Vila Antonieta, and the school wants the church to continue to work with them to help the students and their families. That is our hope, that the churches we work with will be able to continue to help the students & teachers & families, and that they will be able to help the new believers to grow spiritually. The reception at the school for our Quality Of Life speech was very good, and we really enjoyed being around the students. We praise God that 947 students and 23 teachers accepted Christ.

Nancy & interpreter Alessandro speaking in a class
Some of the students at the schoolNancy and interpreter Paulo and some studentsInterpreter Adriana and I sharing ChristPastor Marcos, us, and the rest of the church teamNancy, Alessandro, and Jose handing out "Livro Da Vida"Principal Valeria & school leaders, Pr. Renato, and our team


Jason said...

How are you able to share the gospel with 39 groups of kids in 3 days? What will happen to the 970 that professed Christ? How will you make disciples of them?

How much time do you get with each group? Is there anything you do to make sure they understand the Gospel before they are counted as Christians?

Kevin Bart said...

Jason, thanks for your email and questions. It takes a lot of work & effort to speak 39 times times in 3 days. I speak in 1 class and my wife speaks in another at the same time. We speak about 3 parts of our lives - body, soul, and spiritual life, and in the last part we present the Gospel clearly and directly. We present the Gospel in a way very similar to Billy Graham's Steps To Peace With God; if you're not familiar with it:

Then we describe clearly several times how they can commit their lives to Christ and receive Him as their Lord and Savior to have peace with God, eternal life with Him, and a new relationship with Him, and then a prayer for those that want to do this. After this we tell them how important it is to have a good church that teaches the Bible & about Jesus to help them to grow in their relationship with Jesus and to learn His special plan for their lives.

God's vision for our ministry is that we always work with a church near the school, and we help the church to have a relationship with the school, so that they can continue to work with the students & families and do things to disciple and guide and help the new believers. We are here to help the churches to evangelize, not to do it ourselves.

Hope this answers some of your questions. Take care and God bless.

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

keep strong in doing God's work.. :)

Kevin Bart said...

John, thanks for visiting our blog and leaving your encouraging comment :)