April 23, 2009

A Very Special Time In Brazil

" Within the next 10 years Brazil will probably be sending out more missionaries to other countries than the United States."
- Pastor Wagner Vaellatti
Igreja Batista Boas Novas
Sao Paulo, Brazil

God is doing some amazing and very special things here in Brazil. In a little over 2 years, we have seen almost 31,000 people accept Christ in the Sao Paulo area, which is absolutely amazing to us. It is a great joy and privilege for us to be a part of what God is doing in Brazil. What we have seen and experienced is only a small part of what God is doing here. Not only are very large numbers of people coming to Christ as their Lord and Savior, but many Brazilian churches are experiencing revival. Many Brazilian Christians are growing spiritually, and many are answering the Lord's call to share the Good News of Jesus in other parts of Brazil and in other parts of the world. When I heard the words above from Pastor Wagner I was surprised. The US has long been the leader by far for sending out evangelical missionaries to other parts of the world. So I did some research over the past week, and I found out some very interesting things about what God is doing here and in other countries. I will share about the other countries in my next post, but for now here is some exciting data about what God is doing here in Brazil:

* In 1900 less than 1% of the people were evangelical Christians in Brazil
* By 1970 approx. 5% of the people in Brazil were evangelical Christians
* By 1990 the number of evangelical Christians grew to approx. 12%
* By 2000 the number of evangelical Christians grew to approx. 15%
* Today approx. 18-20% of the people in Brazil are evangelical Christians

More and more pastors and churches in Brazil are receiving and following God's vision to passionately reach out to others with the Gospel, here in Brazil and in other countries. Here are some more details:

* In 1990 Brazil sent approx. 850 evangelical missionaries to other countries
* By 1996 the number grew to approx. 1800 evangelical missionaries
* By 2001 the number grew to approx. 2800 evangelical missionaries
* Today there are approx. 5000 Brazilian evangelical missionaries in more than 100 countries
(the US is still the leader with approx. 60,000 evangelical missionaries; Korea is 2nd with approx. 14,000 evangelical missionaries)

As less and less people in the US, the UK, and European countries are fervently seeking and serving God, He is looking for and finding more willing and passionate servants to take to others the message of His love and salvation in Brazil and other Latin American countries, and also in places like Korea, China, and African countries. In my next post I will talk about other places in the world where God is mightily at work.


Walk in Clinic said...

Ya i Love Brazil when its in soccer ground ... :) interesting information and good sharing. Keep on sharing.

Kevin Bart said...

Thanks for the visit and comment Walk In. Brazil is definitely crazy about soccer. We'll definitely keep on sharing about all that God is doing here. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Brazil is an interesting country. I'm doing a prject on it at your work in Brazil is very good.

Kevin Bart said...

Anonymous, thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. Brazil is definitely an interesting country, and God is doing alot of great things here. For us it is a real joy and privilege to help people here to know God in a personal way.


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