April 17, 2009

Another Great Week In A School

We had another great week speaking in a large school in the Aricanduva area of Sao Paulo (in the East Zone of the city). We spoke on Monday & Tuesday mornings and on Wednesday & Thursday afternoons in the EE Moacyr Campos school (we spoke in 56 classes so far), and we will be there again next Wednesday night. The school has students from 5th grade through high school. We are working with Pastor Marcos and Igreja Batista Vila Antonieta, since they are close to the school. The response from the students and from most of the teachers has been great, and God is doing a great work in many peoples' lives in this school. So far 1725 students and 19 teachers have accepted Christ. This is a very special time here in Brazil, and God is touching and opening many hearts, and a great number of people are responding to the Gospel and accepting Christ.

We did have a couple of men teachers who were very cold towards us, and one of them refused to let us into his classroom. He coldly stated that he does not like Americans and that we needed to get out. We talked to the director about this, and he was very helpful. We were able to go back and speak in the class the next period. Fortunately we have never seen this before, and the vast majority of Brazilians really like Americans (and other nationalities too). The vast majority of students and most teachers have a great curiosity about foreigners and Americans, and are very interested in having us in their school. They also are very interested in hearing the Gospel and about God's love and His special plan for their lives.

Nancy and I and Elisvaldo sharing Christ in a class
John and interpretor Elaine speaking in one of the classesMe, interpretor Eduardo, Eliane, Elisvaldo, and Alfredo sharing JesusJohn and interpretor Alessandro sharing ChristSharing Jesus with interpretor Iraci in a high school classSome of the high school studentsNancy & John, interpreters Elaine & Andrea, Pastor Marcos and part of the church team


Mikes@Your Daily Word said...

i'm glad to have visited your site. God bless you more.

I like the playlist by the way!

Kevin Bart said...

Hi Mikes, thanks for the visit and the comment. I like your "Your Daily Word" site. May God continue to bless and use you alot, for His glory.