August 7, 2012

School Outreach In Sao Vicente

Yesterday we spoke at the state school EE Jose Nigro, which is located in a very poor area in the city of Sao Vicente. The school is for students from 5th grade to high school, and also has some classes for adults studying at night. Many of the students come from broken homes. The students were very friendly and warm and well behaved, and we had a great visit at the school. Many of them, as well as the teachers and school leaders very much appreciated us coming to help them in their lives.

The Holy Spirit touched many hearts as we shared the Gospel, and more than 130 students, 7 teachers, and the school coordinator accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. Afterwards we passed out the Livro Da Vida books to all, which have some devotions in them as well as many Biblical values and truths for living. The school leaders were very pleased with the results, and they recommended us to 3 more schools in Sao Vicente. They also were interested in seeing if we knew of a church in the area that could teach English classes to some of the students at the church, and we will be talking to some churches in the area about it. That would be a good way to do follow up with some of the students and get them to come to the church to start discipling them.

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