May 6, 2012

Mt. Carmel Mission Trip - Part 1

The 6 person team from Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Temple GA arrived Friday morning. They originally were scheduled to fly from Atlanta to Washington DC and then to Sao Paulo, but because of bad weather in Atlanta they were going to miss their connection in Washington. They were allowed to get on a Delta direct flight from Atlanta to Sao Paulo, and they all arrived safely. Friday was a rest day for the team, which they needed after flying overnight and not getting much sleep on the plane. We went out in the late afternoon to walk around Santos and the beach area, and then went to dinner in a churrascaria, which is a Brazilian steak house.It was a great dinner.

On Saturday morning we worked with a small church, Igreja Batista Chico de Paula, in a poor area of Santos. We had 3 teams of Americans, interpreters, and members of the church, and we visited homes in a nearby "favela" (slum) to share Jesus. There were several scheduled visits, and then we ended up going house to house after that. God gave us some very good opportunities to share Jesus with people and families, and we thank Him for the privilege of joining Him in His work. 9 people accepted Christ, and we also were able to minister to 2 people who had accepted Christ in the past but have wondered away. 

Afterwards we had a great home cooked Brazilian lunch at the church, and we had a wonderful time of fellowship. After lunch we took the team up a small mountain overlooking the ocean, since it was such a beautiful day. We took a ski lift ride up to the top, and then watched the hang gliders and the people para-sailing take off and fly around above us. At one time we counted 16 people flying around up there.

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