May 12, 2012

Mt. Carmel - Final Day

Friday was the team's last full day in Brazil, and they are heading back to the US from Sao Paulo today. We left Santos in the morning and we all went to a placed called Embu, which is a small city about an hour and a half away. It is a fun place to visit, as it has many stores with a large variety of hand crafted gifts and items unique to Brazil. There are also many restaurants, hand crafted wood furniture stores, antique stores, and other places. Everyone was able to buy some gifts for friends and loved ones back home. 

After shopping we ate lunch at a buffet style Brazilian restaurant with a variety of typical Brazilian food, which is very good, and then in mid afternoon we headed to the team's hotel near the Sao Paulo airport. Everyone got to see a good portion of the mega city Sao Paulo, which has 22+ million people in it, and a taste of the traffic problems in the city. We went through the city at a good time in the afternoon and not even close to rush hour, but Sao Paulo's normal traffic is worse than many city's rush hour traffic. 

We finally got to the hotel at around 3:30 pm, and after everyone check in and got settled we had a chance to have some fellowship one last time with our sweet brothers and sisters from Georgia. Friday was Teresa's birthday, and because of our busy schedule we ended up celebrating it on Wednesday night after we were finished speaking at a school. Her husband Corley bought a nice cake from a bakery near the hotel in Santos and we ordered some pizza to eat at the hotel. At one of the schools we were at on Thursday the students sang Happy Birthday to Teresa in Portuguese, which was a lot of fun to watch.

Thanks again to Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, and to Corley & Teresa, Butch & Missy, and Johnny and Joyce for coming so far to help us to share Jesus here. We have a special place in our hearts for all of you, and we are thankful to God for this past week. The churches here and the people here were touched by your words and your acts of love & kindness, and they already miss you too.

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