May 12, 2012

Mt. Carmel 2nd To Last Day

We had another very long and tiring and complicated and victorious day all rolled into one on Thursday. Because of scheduling changes in the schools this week, we had to speak in all 3 periods of the day in some of the schools - morning, afternoon, and night. This is the first time we have ever had to do that, but it is all worth it to reach precious people for Jesus. 

In the morning Nancy and I and Missy & Butch from Mt. Carmel went to EM Lions Clube school in Sao Vicente to finish up speaking in the 4 remaining morning classes. We worked with Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Vicente (1st Baptist Church Sao Vicente) in the school. Then we met everyone back at the hotel and then had lunch. After lunch we split up into 2 groups and Nancy and Butch & Missy went back to EM Lions Clube school to speak in the afternoon classes there. I and the remaining 4 from Mt. Carmel went to the school EE Maria Dulce, where we worked with Capela Calvario church, led by Pastor Celso and Pastor Chris. 

We had more time to interact with the students this time, and it was alot of fun to talk to them and take pictures with them. After we finished at EE Maria Dulce school, our team was mobbed by many students and they all wanted to talk to the Americans and ask many questions, and take pictures with us. We had a great time with them.

Then after that all of us together came back to speak at night in EE Maria Dulce school. They have classes for high school students at night. Everyone got to speak in 1 night class for the last time on their trip to Brazil. Afterwards we got to spend more time with a group of the students, and we also had the opportunity to speak to some of the students about the church Capela Calvario.

This week we saw God mightily at work, and we are in awe of our great and mighty God. He went ahead of us before we ever spoke in any class to share Jesus, and He prepared and opened many hearts to hear the Good News of Jesus. We worked hard to arrange the events at the schools and visits in homes, but God is the one who opened these doors and opportunities. He also gave us more "divine appointments" in the streets, in stores, restaurants, and other places. As we stepped out in faith and obedience to share Jesus with others, the Holy Spirit convicted many and we saw various students in some classes get very emotional during the message. The Holy Spirit is the One who convicted them of their sin and separation from God, and He is the One who convinced them of their need for Jesus. We cannot do that, only the Holy Spirit can.

All in all God touched and saved 2127 people this week, including 43 teachers, 2 school coordinators, and 1 principal. The vast majority of the students were not young children, but they were mostly teenagers and even some adults studying at night. God is mightily at work in the world. We need to find out where He is at work and then do whatever it takes to go and join Him. We can say with certainty that He is mightily at work here in this part of Brazil. All glory and honor and praise and thanks go to our great and glorious God.

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