April 20, 2012

Many Adults Accept Christ In A School

This week we worked in the municipal school EM Dom Pedro I in the Vila Natal part of Cubatao, which is a  poor area of the city. Several people from Primeira Igreja Batista Cubatao helped us, and some members of the church and also Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem helped as our interpreters. The school is for students in the 1st to 5th grades, and they also have many adult classes at night for people who are trying to finish their grade school and high school education.

We spoke to 14 classes on Monday afternoon, to 14 more on Tuesday night, and to14 more on Wednesday morning. The project went great, and the leaders of the school, the teachers, and the students really liked it very much. We had a great time with the students while we were there. God did a great work in the hearts of many in the school, and we were in awe of what He did on Tuesday night in the classes for adults. Many were profoundly touched by the Holy Spirit, and some of the adult students were very emotional during our message. More than 220 adult students accepted Christ, and overall God touched and saved more than 820 students, and 11 teachers, and also the Vice Principal and the school Coordinator. We serve a Mighty God.

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