March 14, 2012

Not So Fast

In my previous post I talked about how we got a 9 year extension on our permanent visa, as we still wait on the dual citizenship process. The day after we were at the Federal Police they called and asked for a document on our original investment in Brazil, which allowed us to get an investor type permanent visa. I told them that the company we invested in (a friend's business) was closed in 2009 and that we reinvested in some apartments that we rent out to make some income. They said that since the company we originally invested in was closed that we would not be able to get an extension, and would probably have to leave Brazil. Talk about a shock. We were told we had a 9 year extension on Monday, and then we have nothing.

I asked them if the new apartment investment would qualify, and they said they would need to call me back. This morning they called and told me that we need to bring some new documents there asap, and then they would consider it. After we took the documents this morning, we were told that they would give us a 6 month extension and then send the documents and the case to the capital Brasilia, where they would need to decide whether to extend our visa more or not. So we went from a 9 year extension to no extension, and then to a 6 month extension. Hopefully the dual citizenship process will be completed in these next 6 months, because the bureaucracy here will drive you crazy.


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