February 29, 2012

Teachers Coming To The Lord

Yesterday we had the privilege of speaking to a group of teachers at the municipal pre-school EM Eunice Caldas in Santos. The director of the pre-school also works at another school in Santos, and we spoke there last October with the group from Cedartown GA and she really liked the message and the project. So she invited us to come to speak to the teachers. The students are in pre-school and thus are still too young for our speech, so we came and spoke to the teachers.

God moved mightily in their hearts, and 10 of the teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. We praise God for this great opportuntiy that He gave us. We have been invited to come back to the school to speak to the teachers that work in the afternoon period. Yesterday we spoke to the teachers that work in the morning period. We are scheduled to go back and speak on March 27.

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