February 6, 2012

People Sharing Jesus seminar

Yesterday morning we lead the 1st part of the People Sharing Jesus seminar at Igreja Batista Morrinhos in Guaruja. We will lead the 2nd part next Sunday morning. We had great participation from the church, and 48 people came to learn how to share the Gospel of Jesus powerfully and effectively. Our friend Alex from another church in Guaruja helped as my interpreter.

The last part of the seminar yesterday was to have the people pair up in twos and practice sharing Jesus using an evangelistic pamphlet. A young member of the church, Tanyara, had never shared Jesus before. She used a Gospel tract to share Jesus with a 7 year old boy, and he accepted Christ and committed his life to Him. God is great !

After the seminar we went to a church family's house (Ailton and Fabiane) for a great home cooked meal and a great time of fun and fellowship. Fabiane is from the northeast of Brazil, so she cooked us a northeast Brazil style meal with some seafood and other dishes, and for dessert we had a grape flavored mousse and ice cream.

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