October 26, 2011

The Harvest Is Great

"Then he said to his disciples the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few."    Matthew 9:37
The harvest is plentiful ... These words spoken by Jesus are still very true here in Brazil, and in other parts of the world. God has prepared many hearts here, and many are ready for someone to tell them the Good News of Jesus Christ. God has gone ahead of his people, and has done the work of preparing and opening hearts. A great number of people are ready and willing to listen to someone tell them about God's love and salvation through Jesus ... they are waiting for someone to tell them how they can have peace with God, eternal life in heaven with Him, and a restored relationship with Him. They desire to have these things, thanks to the Holy Spirit's work in their hearts, but they do not know how to have them.

... but the workers are few. These words are unfortunately true also. Far too few Christians here are actively sharing Jesus with others in their daily lives, and they are completely missing God's activity in the hearts and lives of the people all around them. In many churches the pastor(s), some leaders, and a small group of church members are actively sharing Christ with others. Many are oblivious to the great harvest that is all around them. There is also a shortage of workers who are willing to do the important follow up work that is necessary to help new believers who accept Christ to grow in their relationship with Him, and to disciple them to become faithful & fruitful servants of Jesus. Sadly, many are too busy pursuing their own interests and doing church things that they are not doing the things that are most important to God ... reach lost people with the love and Good News of Christ, and then work hard to help them become faithful disciples and servants of His.

Our outreach work last week with 3 local churches and a team from the US once again showed that God has prepared a great harvest here. Many many people are seeking for God, and they know they need Him in their lives. They are ready, and they are waiting for us to tell them about God's love and Jesus. I pray that God will touch and convict and break more Christians' hearts, and that He will send more workers.

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