October 18, 2011

Americanos In Brazil - Day 4

On Monday morning we and the team from Georgia worked with Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem in a state school in Santos for students in the 5th grade through high school. We broke up into 4 teams of 2 Americans and 1 interpreter, and some other people from the church to help us. We spoke in 9 classes in the morning period, and unfortunately 3 classes were not there because 3 teachers did not show up for work. After the morning period we all went to have lunch at a good buffet style restaurant that offers good Brazilian food, seafood, Italian food, and Brazilian BBQ as well. It was a great meal and time of fellowship.

After lunch we walked back to the school and spoke in 12 more classes. We had a very good time at the school, and many of the students loved to talk with some of the Americans that were visiting their school. The school recommended us to 2 more schools. Also, one of the interpreters for us, Kadu, leads worship at the church and he and his wife want to do some events with music for students & families, and the school is interested in having this with them on some Saturdays. This would be a great way for the church to do some follow-up work with those who have received Christ at the school. We will return to the school to finish up on Wednesday night. We praise God that on Monday 359 students and 8 teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him.

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