October 17, 2011

Americanos In Brazil - Day 3

On Sunday we and our friends from Cedartown GA went to 2 churches. In the morning we went to Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Vicente. Sunday was the church's 60th anniversary, so it was very special for them to have a group of Americans visiting their church on the special day. Pastor Gilberto and the church warmly greeted the American visitors, and we had a great time of worship with everyone. Joseph Mauldin, who is the leader of worship at 2nd Baptist Church of Cedartown sang "The Power Of The Cross", and he was a big hit with the church. After the service we had lunch at the church to celebrate their anniversary.

On Sunday night we went to Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem in Santos, which is led by Pr. Wilson. Joseph sang again for the church, and I had the privilege of preaching. The church had all of us come up front and they all prayed for us and our missions work this coming week in the schools. They are participating with us in 2 of the 5 schools we will be speaking in. At the end of the message I shared the Gospel and 4 people accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. After the service we had a time of fellowship with the members and had some Brazilian snacks to eat. It was a great day for all of us.

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