October 16, 2011

Americanos In Brazil - Day 1

We have a team from 2nd Baptist Church of Cedartown GA with us for 8 days, to help us to help churches to share the Good News of Jesus with others. After a long 12 hour trip the team arrive on Thursday night in Sao Paulo, and then we had another 2 hour drive to get to Santos. Thanksfully everyone arrive safely and with all of their luggage. The team members are: Joseph & Meredith Mauldin, Bill & Carol Pilgrim, Teresa Painter, and Pr. Bill Heaton.

On Friday we had a light day with no ministry activities scheduled, so that the team could rest up for our very busy upcoming week. We walked around the beach area of Santos, and then took a break for some rest. On Friday night we walked from their hotel to a park area near the beach, and then to a "churrascaria", which is a Brazilian steak house. We had a great time together there, and then after we walked around the beach park, which stretches the full 4 miles of beaches in the city.

We are very blessed to have their help, and we are very thankful to have them here. Please pray for the team and us as we share Jesus with over 4000 people in the next week in 5 schools and other various areas.

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