July 24, 2011

Looking For Churches

We have been serving in Santos and surrounding coastal area now for a year and a half, and we have been blessed to have the opportunity and privilege to work with about 25 churches in the area in various ways. In our Qualidade De Vida project in schools, the churches are very important, since they have the responsibility and role of doing the important follow up work with the schools and the new believers. We have spoken in approx. 30 schools in this area, and we have had mixed results with the participation of the churches. 

Some of the churches have been excellent to work with, and they are excited to reach out to lost people and share Jesus with them. Their participation in our school outreach project has been great, and typically when this happens they will do a good job of doing the follow up work. This is the type of church that we are looking for. Churches that seek to do what is important to the Lord ... seeking to reach people who are without Christ and then working to make true disciples ; ie: care for them, baptize them, teach them all that the Lord has taught and commanded,...

Unfortunately not all churches have been this way. Of all of the churches we have worked with so far in this area, only about 1/2 have had good participation in our school outreaches, and have shown a real desire and passion to reach lost people for Jesus and to make disciples. Typically a church that does not send many people to help in our school outreach project will not make any effort to do any follow up work afterwards. Sadly, several churches and pastors have pledged their support and help, but did not send anyone to help and participate. Hundreds accepted Christ during those events, but sadly there was no one to represent the church at the school and no one to do the follow up work.

Please pray with us that God will awaken more churches here (and all over the world), and that He will give them His passion for lost people and His vision to reach them. Please also pray that God will guide us to these churches, to partner with them to reach many for Christ.

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