May 20, 2011

A Great Week In Santos

This week we spoke in the EM Cidade de Santos municipal school in Santos, which is for students in 1st to 8th grades. They also have classes at night for adults. We worked with Igreja Batista Centenario, which is led by Pastor Luis. One of our interpreters, Regina, who is a member of the church, helped to organize helpers from the church. We almost lost this good opportunity to do our project in the school, because we originally scheduled it with them last November and they had a different principal then. When we called in early April to confirm with the school, we learned that they had a new principal and leadership team, so we needed to get their approval again. Fortunately they agreed to let us do the project. Once again God moved in a great way and prepared many hearts before our visits. During our 4 days in the school 850 students and 8 teachers accepted Christ. We praise God for the joy and privilege of allowing us to join Him in His Kingdom work.


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