April 28, 2011

Quality Of Life Project in Guarujá

We held our Qualidade De Vida project in a state school in Guarujá this week on Monday morning, Tuesday night, and Wednesday afternoon. The EE Rene Rodriguez school is for students in 5th grade through high school, and it also has classes for adults at night. Once again God prepared a great harvest ahead of us, and many students and teachers were ready and willing to hear the wonderful news of Jesus. The reception at the school was great, and the teachers and leaders very much liked and appreciated the project and our help. After 3 days of speaking in the classes, 604 students and 11 teachers and the principal accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. We praise God for what He has done, and we pray that He will continue to do more in the hearts and lives of those who received Christ. The school also recommended us to 4 other schools in Guarujá, and also wants us to come back and speak to the parents at a future parents meeting. The only negative thing that happened during our project was that the church nearby that had agreed to help us did not send anyone to help. A few of the students asked us if we knew of a good church they could visit, and so our interpreters that helped us told them about their churches.

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