April 4, 2011

A Miracle In Sao Paulo

On the night of March 22 two Brazilian Baptist national missionaries were in a terrible accident with 4 trucks and 2 other cars on one of the main highways near the Sao Paulo airport. Soraya Machado, whose husband leads a missions ministry in the worst drug infested area of Sao Paulo known as Crackolandia, was driving and volunteer missionary Mirian Leite was in the car with her. Their car was completely destroyed in the accident, as it was crushed in between 2 of the large trucks that were involved in the accident. As people were trying to get their car out from between the 2 trucks, the truck behind their car was on fire and there were several explosions. Below is a picture of the car, and also a video (in Portuguese) of the accident and the effort to free Soraya and Mirian from their demolished car (their accident is the 1st of 2 accidents in the video). It is a miracle that Soraya and Mirian escaped with their lives and without any grave injuries. God is still in the miracle business today.

Soraya's demilished car

video of the accident (in Portuguese)

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