March 7, 2011

Training Seminar In Praia Grande

On Saturday night we led a People Sharing Jesus seminar at Igreja Batista Vila Antartica in Praia Grande. The church is led by Pastor Eder, who we know from when he was the youth and young adult pastor at Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Vicente. This is the Carnaval holiday in Brazil, and many churches go to a remote place and have a retreat. Pastor Eder wanted to do something different - he wanted to stay in his area and do some evangelism and outreach in his "bairro", and some social assistance ministry for the poor in the area. Vila Antartica is a fairly poor community.

There is a large group of young missionaries from the Brazilian state of Parana that arrived on Saturday to help Pr. Eder and the church to share Jesus in the community, and they will be there for 8 days. They will be doing some evangelism outreach events in some parks, in the streets, and in a school. Pr. Eder wanted to have the seminar at the beginning of this special week of outreach, so that some people from his church and the young missionaries would have some good training. There were over 60 people that participated in the training, and God blessed the seminar. Most committed to actively share the Good News of Jesus in their daily lives, and to work to make disciples.

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