March 23, 2011

School Outreach In Praia Grande

On Monday and Tuesday we held our Qualidade De Vida outreach project at a state school in the city of Praia Grande. We worked with Igreja Batista Vila Antartica, which is located close to the school. The school is located in a poor area of Praia Grande. On Monday we spoke in 5 classes in the morning period and in 6 more in the afternoon, and on Tuesday night we spoke in 7 more classes. All of the students are in high school. God moved in a mighty way in the hearts of many in the school, and the students, teachers, and the school leaders loved the project and really appreciated our help. More than 500 accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him, including 7 teachers and the principal Edson, and the vice-principal Monica. Edson and Monica asked us if we could come back and continue to help the students, but unfortunately we do not have the time to do the follow-up work. Since we speak in many schools during the year and have many other projects and events, we are not able to do more. That is why we always work with a church close to the school, so that they can try to do more to help the students and their families after our project. Unfortunately only 1 person from the church came each day to help during the project, so we are not sure how well they will do in the important follow-up work to help each new believer grow spiritually and find a good church home. One of the challenges we have is to find churches that have a desire and passion to reach people for Christ and also to do the important follow-up work to disciple new believers and help them to grow in their new relationship with the Lord Jesus.

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