March 22, 2011

Armed Robbery At A School

I read almost daily an online news site that covers the city of Santos and surrounding cities. Today there was a story that jumped out at me, because of our work in many schools. We have not had the opportunity to do our Quality Of Life project at the school in the news article as of yet. A state school located in a poor area of Sao Vicente was the scene of an armed robbery today at 10:00 am. 3 armed men burst into the school at the exact time when there is a scheduled 20 minute break for students & teachers. Normally the doors to the school are locked during class times, but during the 20 minute break period they are open and the men knew this. They armed men went into the teachers lounge and office area and stole money, cell phones, and other items from teachers and administrators at the school. As of now 2 of the 3 men have been caught and arrested. Fortunately no one was hurt during the robbery.

Unfortunately there is a lot of crime in Brazil, especially in the poorer areas of the cities. Although crime is much better where we live now in Santos than in Sao Paulo, where we lived for our first 3 years in Brazil, there still is a good bit of crime in some of the poorer areas. Earlier this morning in the same area as the school there were 2 men that were shot and killed by someone on a motorcycle.

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