November 24, 2010

Speaking At A Municipal School In Santos

On Monday and Tuesday we worked with Igreja Batista do Horto in a municipal school near the church. The school is for students from 1st grade through 5th grade, and is located in a fairly poor area of Santos. As is often the case when we are sharing Christ in the schools, we had several problems and complications during the event. One problem that arose was because the pastor started talking in one of the classes about his church, and this is not allowed here in public schools. There is a law that says you cannot speak about a specific religion, or church, or denomination in a public school classroom. When the principal found out that he talked about his church in a class, she was pretty upset. Fortunately she let us continue, although she wasn't very nice about it. On the 2nd day one of our interpretors didn't show up, and when Nancy called her she said she thought it was another day. Fortunately she left work for awhile and came and helped us, because we would not have been able to finish without her. Even though these types of problems and complications happen alot to us, in the end God  always seems to work everything out for His glory. The students and teachers and some of the other school leaders loved the project, and we think that is why the principal let us continue. We praise God that 349 students and 5 teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him.

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