November 13, 2010

Missions Conference In Sao Vicente

Last night we went to a Missions Conference at Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Vicente which is being put on by the National Missions Dept. of the Brazilian Baptist Convention. The conference is one of 24 that they are having this year all across Brazil. The goal and hope of the conferences is the awakening of the Brazilian church, and to raise awareness of the urgent need for more missionaries and for more people to be involved in the most important work of sharing the Good News of Jesus across Brazil (and to other parts of the world).

One of the great works of God that was highlighted last night is the project in "Crackolandia", a drug infested area near downtown Sao Paulo. The area is a very dark and oppressed area where drug use is rampant, and where thousands of addicts and homeless people live. The Baptist Convention has a mission work there and God is doing great things and miracles in the hearts and lives of people there. There were several testimonies last night of drug addicts, thieves, and kidnappers that were living in the streets in Crackolandia, using drugs every day, until they met Jesus and received Him as their Lord & Savior. They have been freed from drugs and lives of crime, and many are now serving in the mission that helped them to know Christ. God is mightily at work in this world, performing miracles, changing lives, healing and freeing people from all sorts of terrible things, and bringing them into a restored personal relationship with Him. The One True Living God is awesome !

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