November 25, 2010

"Mais Educacao" Program In Guaruja

Yesterday we had the privilege of speaking in the "Mais Educacao" (it means More Education) program in the municipal school EM 1 de Maio. The school is located in a very poor area in the city of Guaruja. The program was implemented by the city education department to encourage more students to get a good education. I spoke in the morning session, and Nancy spoke in the afternoon session. We used our "Quality Of Life" speech that we use in schools, where we speak about how to have a good quality of life and a good future. We speak about how they need to take care of 3 parts of their lives - Body, Soul, and Spiritual Life. We are able to talk in the schools about God's love and His plan for their lives, and we also are able to share a clear and detailed presentation of the Gospel. We are able to talk in detail about sin and separation from God, about the cross and how Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for our sins, and also how we must repent & turn from our sins and back to God, and that we need to put our faith & confidence in Jesus and what He did on the cross, and that we need to commit our lives to Him as our Lord & Savior. We are very happy that in the end 92 students, 5 teachers, and the school coordinator accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. After we spoke we encouraged the students to learn English if they can, because they will have more opportunities and a better chance to have a good future if they speak English. Many companies in Brazil need people who can speak English because business is much more of a global market these days. Another great thing that happened was that the teachers and the school coordinator liked our project so much that we have scheduled some dates in May 2011 to return to the school and speak in all of the classes (they have over 2000 students). This will be a great opportunity for us.

 speaking in the morning session with interpreter Rebeca

 some of the students (5th-8th grades) in the afternoon session
Nancy and interpreter Rebeca speaking in the afternoon session

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