October 27, 2010

Sharing Jesus In a Praia Grande School

EE Julio Secco is a state school located in the Solemar area of Praia Grande, which is about an hour from where we live in Santos. It is a small school with 4 classes for each period, with high school students in the morning, 5th through 8th grades in the afternoon, and adults at night. We spoke in 4 classes in the morning and in 4 more in the afternoon on Monday, and then in the 4 adult classes on Tuesday night. Andreia and Marcela were our interpreters on the first day, and Camila and Elisa helped us on the 2nd day. We were supposed to work with Primeira Igreja Batista Solemar, but unfortunately no one showed up to help from the church on both days, even though the pastor committed the church to help. We had a great time in the school, and God did a powerful work in the hearts and lives of many people there, and 220 students and 9 teachers and the school coordinator accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. The school leaders loved the project, and they asked us if there was anything we could do to continue to help their students & families. This is exactly why we work with a church near the school, so that they could continue to minister to the people & families, and to do the important follow up work. This was an opportunity that God opened up for the church, but unfortunately they missed it.

Andreia, Marcela, and us 

part of the school 

Nancy, Andreia, and Marcela with some of the students 

Nancy leading adult students in prayer

 one of the adult night classes praying

 Camila and I sharing the good news of Jesus with adults

 another one of the adult night classes

Elisa, us, and Camila



Yes, uguys are real soldiers doing your thing. Awesomw will be paraying that lives be transformed by your account!


Sorry for mis spelled words! Just goy excited about the Kingdom of God and Real actual people doing and speading the word of God to young people

Kevin Bart said...

Undercover, thanks for visiting our blog and leaving comments. Thanks also for your prayers ... they make a difference for sure. God bless.