October 11, 2010

Friday Afternoon

On Friday morning we had meetings in 2 schools in Sao Vicente, and we praise God that we were able to schedule our Quality Of Life project in one of them for April 2011. After the meetings we had to go to Igreja Batista Central to pick up more of the books "Livro Da Familia" and "Livro Da Vida" that we pass out to all of the students and teachers when we speak in the schools. This is an excellent tool to continue to help them in their lives, and to start teaching them what God's Word says about many subjects and values for our lives. Afterwards we went to a nice place for lunch called "O Terraco", which is on Ilha de Porchat in Sao Vicente. It has a great view of the ocean and beaches in Sao Vicente and Santos, and it also has very good food. We had a seafood dish that was very good. O Terraco is a little expensive, but it was worth it. After lunch we went for a walk on the beach and took some pictures ... here are some of them.

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