October 20, 2010

Battles & Victories

Many times when we are sharing Christ with alot of people in a church or in a school, we have many difficulties and challenges. We need many people to pray for us because we are in a spiritual battle, and at times it can be very difficult. This week we spoke in a state school in Santos called EE Cleobulo school, and it was a difficult week filled with various problems and challenges. We always have to rely on God for His strength, wisdom, and grace, or we would never be able to handle the warfare and battles that we frequently have to face. Even though it was a difficult week, we saw God do great things in the lives of the students and teachers that we shared Christ with. We worked with Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem in the school, and their participation was excellent. We had at least 4 people from the church every day helping us, plus several members were our interpreters. The majority of the students were adolescents, as well as some adults studying at night. God powerfully touched many hearts and lives during the week, and we praise God that 635 students and 10 teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. We had the opportunity to talk to many students during break times, and a good number had questions about the church. I had one conversation with a young man who said that he does not believe in God, and I recommended that he asks God to show to him who He is and that He is real. I also told him that if he sincerely asks God to show him that He is real, He will certainly respond.

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