August 10, 2010

Friends & Fellowship

When we lived in Sao Paulo for 3 years, we were blessed to have some very good friends. One family in particular was very special to us, and they pretty much adopted us into their family. They always invited us to their family Christmas parties, and also for birthday parties and other special events. 9 months ago God led us to move to Santos, and we have had fewer opportunities to make as many friends as we had in Sao Paulo. Friends are definitely a blessing from the Lord, and really good & loyal friends are rare. This past Saturday we had a very special family over for lunch and fellowship, Pr. Gilberto and his wife Neuza and their 2 children Isabelle and Johann. Pr. Gilberto is the pastor at Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Vicente, and he and his family are wonderful people. Isabelle has been studying English with Nancy, because she will be going to the US in a couple of weeks for 2 years in an exchange program. Nancy cooked 2 kinds of lasagna for lunch, and after lunch we played Scrabble - in English; we gave each team the option to be able to play in English or Portuguese, and everyone chose English. We had a great time of fun and fellowship with this very special family.

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