June 24, 2010

A School Outreach In Santos

This week we were at the state school EE Luiza Macuco in the bairro of Ponta da Praia in Santos, which has students in the 5th grade to high school, plus some adults studying at night. We worked with Pastor Ezequias and Igreja Batista Ponta da Praia, which is located a couple of blocks from the school. We spoke to all of the students in their classes on Monday morning, Tueday afternoon, and Wednesday night. We had our normal difficulties and complications when we share the Good News of Jesus, especially when we share with alot of people such as in a school ... one of our interpreters cancelled out on Mon. morning at the last minute, another was very late on Tuesday because of car troubles on the way to the school, another on Wed. night had a slight wreck on the way to the school. It almost never fails; almost always something or somethings go wrong. This work is a spiritual battle, and that is why we need many people to pray for us, as well as for the people we are sharing with. As is always the case though, God helped us to overcome all of the difficulties and obstacles, and He did some great things this week in the hearts and lives of students and teachers. God moved in a great way in the school and in people's hearts, and 742 students and 18 teachers received Christ as their Lord and Savior, and committed their lives to Him. We praise God for the great things He is doing. He is mightily at work here and in all parts of the world.

Nancy and interpreter Heloisa speaking in a high school class

some high school students in class

some of the students hamming it up before the camera

Interpreter Leticia and I sharing Christ

Nancy and I with a group of students

praying with one of the classes

Nancy and interpreter Nayara speaking in a class

part of our team on Wed. night (w/ interpreters Alyne & Arlete)

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