June 4, 2010

Our Last School Event In Sao Paulo

We originally scheduled this school for last November, before we moved to Santos, but they had to reshedule due to testing they had that week. The school is for students in 1st to 4th grades, and is located in the Ipiranga area of Sao Paulo. God truly blessed this event, and the school leaders, teachers, and students were very receptive to the Gospel and very appreciative afterwards. God prepared and opened many hearts, and 578 students and 22 teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. Unfortunately the church we were supposed to work with did not send any people to help, but God provided another way to continue to help the new believers and their families after the event. One of our interpreters, Eduardo, goes to another church about 15-20 minutes from the school, and after the event we talked with some of the school leaders and they are very open to receive more help for the students & their families. Eduardo made arrangements for his church to start going to the school on a regular basis to do some events with puppets and music, and also some other things to work with and help families.

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