June 8, 2010

Brazil During The World Cup

Even though the World Cup has not started (it does not begin until Friday), here in Brazil you can easily tell it is Word Cup time. To say that Brazilians are passionate about their "futebol" is an understatement. They are fanatical about the sport, especially when it comes time to cheer for the national team - Brasil. Stores are full of products displaying the Brazilian flag or colors. Streets are decorated with hanging flags and banners, and even Brazilian flags painted in them. Many people are wearing the familiar jersey of the Brazilian team, or shirts and sometimes even complete outfits with the national team colors. And you can see many Brazil flags or banners hanging on houses and apartment buildings.

When the Brazilian team takes the field ( first round games are on Tue. June 15 vs North Korea, Sun. June 20 vs Ivory Coast, and Fri. June 25 vs Portugal), everything in Brazil will stop and almost everyone will be watching the games in their homes, in restaurants, bars,... Businesses will close, schools will close, and even most of the government will stop to watch the games. Brazil is one of the favorites to win the World Cup (which would be their 6th title). Since we moved to Brazil a couple of months after the World Cup in 2006, this will be our first living in Brazil. It is going to be alot of fun to be here in Brazil and experience it.


dog clickers said...

I totally fancy Brazil to lift the cup this year. Although I just watched Spain in a friendly and looked amazing. Next world cup in Brazil will be crazy! I think I might take my boys but it could get a little rowdy!! Cheers and good luck in the WC.

Anonymous said...

OH WOW!! Brazil is a beautiful place!

Kevin Bart said...

dog clickers, it would be great if Brazil could win the WC, and I'm sure they would go crazy here. Actually they probably will go crazy anyway. I haven't seen Spain yet, but I hear they are the most talented team. I think it won't be a problem if you wanted to take your boys to WC 2014 in Brazil; probably won't be too rowdy.

Hannah, Brazil is a really beautiful place ... there are many mountains, forests, and alot of great beaches. Alot of parts of the city of Sao Paulo are not very nice, but outside of the city it's great.