April 8, 2010

Update on Rio De Janeiro

The problems associated with heavy rains, flooding, and mudslides continue in Rio de Janeiro. As of tonight the total number of people who have died in the last few days is 180, and over 14,000 people have lost their homes thus far. Mudslides are occurring in many places in and around Rio, due to the large number of neighborhoods and favelas (slums) built on the many hills and mountains in the area. Last night there was a large slide in the favela area known as Morro do Bumba in the neighboring city of Niteroi. The favela is build on an old garbage dump, and there was so much mud and garbage piled up due to the slide that it reached 40 feet high. Approx. 200 are feared dead in the area, as approx. 60 homes, a church, a day care center, and other places were destroyed. You can read more about this tragedy that happened last night at this link: Morro do Bumba tragedy ; let us pray for those who are suffering and for those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.

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